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What About Us?


Empowering Less Privileged Girls And Women thru remnant fabric

Shakespeare once said, “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.”

Who we are // Our Initiative and Summary

Our company’s capacity is 5000 PCS A DAY! We are 110 year old Textile group with manufacturing units in Delhi & Noida (11500 Sq.ft) Machines: 550; Capacity: 150,000 pcs/month! Top of the line quality impeccable execution on time delivery. We specialize in: Women’s apparel (Western wear) and Accessories, Scarves By rigorously implementing all design SOPs during the production stage, we’re always able to achieve the desired quality parameters.

If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else." – Booker T. Washington. Standing by this motto, our company has taken an initiative to contribute to society as well. We believe that women through many ways are deprived of many necessities. The sole responsibility for this doesn’t lie on male strata but on the low self-confidence of women themselves and lack of opportunity. Women are generally not seen as an asset due to their association with household work and lack of skill development, however, we aspire to change the same. Women empowerment is all about equipping women to make their own choices. Why not start with the basic stuff? As a company, we want to empower less privileged girls and women/ladies in India thru remnant fabric so that we can do some changes in our society. As change starts from within. Corporate Social Responsibility is another major aspect for us to initiate this project. As corporate social responsibility propagates one’s profit along with the profit of the society. We have decided to start using our remnant fabric to making Rugs, Bags, and other products to empower less privileged girls and ladies. The project provides entrepreneurial and vocational skills training in tailoring, functional literacy, and the leadership skills needed for poor unemployed young girls and women to become self-reliant. Tool kits shall be provided by our company to help them start their own businesses.

Challenge in India

India! Though moving towards being developed still lacks in providing equal facilities to women. Women in India are always associated with household work, deprived to unleash their true potential. In India, most young girls and women/ladies migrate from rural villages into the cities in search of greener pastures without any employable skills nor education. They are often deprived of various learning and income-earning opportunities that could improve their social status and living conditions. We through ‘Shape Lives’ want to help these girls find their livelihoods by fighting discrimination and violence through education, skills education, and employment opportunities. We aim to equip women with skills and opportunities so as to make them Independent in every aspect of life.

    “We have to work together for that change to happen…”

As rightly said by Helen Keller “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." We all have to take initiative, we all have to work together for the change. Marginalized girls and women will progress economically by getting the benefit of skill development training. They may establish their self-employment after being trained. They will be emancipated in a way that it will boost economic development with an aim to eradicate poverty. Apart from this those underprivileged women will have a better mental and emotional setup. Being self-reliant awards a person with better dignity and confidence.

Education and empowerment: you're nobody until somebody trains you

Education is a basic right of a person. However, most of the girl children are still not sent to school rather not allowed to develop any kind of skill. We as part of our initiative aspire to provide entrepreneurial and vocational skills training in tailoring, functional literacy, and leadership skills to 50 poor unemployed young girls and women additionally we also aim to provide them with start-up tool- kits to become self-reliance within 12 month period. By providing these services we aim to work towards humanity in a progressive and futuristic manner.

Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women.” – Maya Angelou